My Place…


I always look for my place

Anywhere I can call my own

A place where I would fit in

Anywhere I would belong.

Then I found a place

Where I thought was I am looking for

Eventually something felt wrong

I realized I can’t go along.

A place once I called mine

Has became a cage that imprison me

I hold on to the thought that I am where I should be 

But then it took my happiness like a breath taken away from me.

After sometime I learned that letting go

Would be my means to escape this chaos

At first I am afraid cause I have nowhere to go

But I took my courage and everything was lost.

I continue my journey of finding my place

Heartaches, failures are along my way

So eager to find my place I am in a fast pace

But I didn’t give up cause I know I’ll find my way.

And then I saw the end of the journey

Not too sure what is ahead of me

Everything I see was a blurry

But I ran to it and embrace whatever it would be.

My new found place is unexpected

It felt warm and my spirit seems elevated

It doesn’t really felt so right but neither felt wrong

I don’t fit in but I felt belong.

(hi Myself! Just a simple reminder that you are in the office when you wrote this so you wont forget what place you are referring to)

That Someone

Someday, someone’s gonna love me
With no doubts, he’ll do anything for me
That someone will offer his heart and soul
Because in love he acts like a fool…
That someone will look at me with tender loving care
I don’t even know that he loves to stare
To be lost in his sight, I would never dare
Because that is the kind of look I would never share…
That someone will place me in the depths of his heart
He’ll hold me closely so we’ll never be apart
That someone lives in my future that was never told
A future with him that I’m looking forward to behold…
(Published in my facebook notes last October 26, 2015)


freedom is a matter of your choice
shout out loud till you run out of voice
follow your heart, go wild and have fun
be free like wind and shine like the sun


People may think you’re a rule breaker
Because you are a freedom sucker
Remember that you’re exceptional
Because you are not conventional.